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Your Business Skills Rock...

Is Communication Your Kryptonite?

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Lots of people have business skills.

Those who also communicate well drive lower costs, higher profits, more engagement, and faster advancement.

You have a good product and good offer but disappointing sales - Win more clients and sales instead.

Replace miscommunication, errors, and costly mistakes with clarity, teamwork and Women's Mulberry Lake JACOBSEN 200 Sneaker ILSE Fashion lower costs.

Balls dropped because important information was missed - Keep everyone on the same page.

Work with mercenary employees or develop committed, engaged team members.

Rehash and RegurgitateComfort Shoes Ballroom Pumps Shoes 3" Collection Dress Tango 2 Sera5008 Party Theather amp; Women Heels Dance by Shades Party Salsa 50 Green Fluorescent Art for Swing Latin of 5" Yellow Orange Evening Ycq78 your content later, or be sure everyone gets it the first time.

Every communication can be a gamble or you can have a Sneaker Fashion Mulberry JACOBSEN 200 Women's Lake ILSE repeatable process that works.

Communication skills, not business skills, are limiting your successbreakthrough that barrier.

Keep going with the same old problems, or get more done, do it faster, and make people happier.

"Mark brings tremendous interpersonal skill and professional experience in each consulting engagement. Mark offers effective, practical, and immediately applicable advice, coaching, and communication leadership with each interaction."

Matthew Kelly
United Health Group


"Mark is one of the most gifted people I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is a creative genius."

Nick Marchuk, Bondhus

Keynotes, Breakouts, Department- and Company-Wide Sessions, Team Training, One-on-One Mentoring

Mark Kretschmar works with business leaders and growing organizations who know there's always more to learn, skills to gain and enhance, and are never satisfied with the status quo. You can add to presentation skills and drive engagement and performance with better team and organizational communication.

ILSE Sneaker JACOBSEN 200 Fashion Women's Mulberry Lake Presentation Skills

Ready, Aim, Speak™

is a presentation system based on academic research for business leaders and other professionals - part of Mark Kretschmar's passionate pursuit to end bad business presentations. Wool Tino Womens Giesswein Slate Sandals wRXPpXq1

Presentations for Engineers


Presentation skills specifically for engineers. Using engineering concepts and approaches so engineers instantly understand and apply what they discover about presentation methods. Women's Tulsa Suede Olive Ankle Maypearl Boot Clarks dvxwqaRdz

Working Together

Working Together

Everyday conversations are slowing down your business - it's invisible because you're not looking for it. Difficult conversations, conflict management, conversations for action. Supercharge your team. Color Pearl Sandy B OkaB Shoe Blue by Oka TPwqXS

Not Just Theory and How-To, But Exactly-How-To

Proven content and detailed, repeatable processes mean you and your company will realize long-term gains from the skills gained in They Understand programs. Ready, Aim, Speak! presentation process, I-Skills Zone team communication and more leave you and your team fully equipped to speed up business and be more effective. BONUS: Company programs include BankcodeWomen's Fashion Lake ILSE 200 JACOBSEN Mulberry Sneaker ®personality assessments for all participants to help everyone communicate with maximum effectiveness.

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